Monday, July 11, 2011

New York Misadventures

Did I ever tell you about the time I got sexually assaulted on a bus to New York? Well, I'm about to.

I was playing my ukulele in the Chicago bus station. It was shortly after Thanksgiving and I was on my way to NYC to visit my VKA family (traveling is cheaper shortly after the actual holiday season). The bus station was bustling with life. People going back home from visiting their families, probably still full from the turkey and potatoes.

Two men in Navy gear get in line behind me, I look up from my uke and smile at them, they return the smile. One of them notices a Dresden Dolls patch on my shoulder and strikes up a conversation. I talk with him for a while, then the other one swoops in and soaks up all my time. He was a little overbearing and needy, but I deal with it. He seems like a nice enough kid.

He asked if he could sit next to me on the bus, and I accepted. We got on the bus and he's okay. He's a little too touchy for my taste, but I deal. Until he asks me if he can rest his head on my shoulder. I was apprehensive and didn't know what the hell to do, so I stupidly said he could. He constantly said really creepy things like, "If my girlfriend knew about us, she would be SO mad." Us? What's us? Seriously. So I got on my phone and signed on to AIM. I started talking to my friend Ameara. We start talking about how awesome vaginae are. He's watching our entire conversation, so I thought he might get the hint. He didn't.

As soon as he went to the bathroom, I started spewing the story to Ameara. I begged her to help me get this asshole OFF of me. So we were the biggest dykes together on the phone when he got back. It still didn't stop him. Eventually, my phone started to die and I had to get off. This is when he swooped in. He put his hand on the inside of my thigh and started kissing my shoulder, slowly working his way up to my neck. I let him do it for a minute, as I was petrified. I let it happen for only about 5 seconds, and then I told him to stop. My excuse was that I was tired and I needed to sleep. I didn't, I just didn't want that creep on my neck.

If it had been today, I would have told him to back the fuck off eons before I did. I was just a naive country girl with a strange man kissing her neck, scared shitless, not knowing what to do.

The world isn't as peachy as I like to think it is sometimes.